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Basic Agent Skills

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Course Overview

For Beginners

4 Modules / 15 Topics / 4-5 Hours

Marketing as a discipline involves all the actions that a company or individual takes to attract customers and maintain relationships with them. This online course by Growhouse examines its facets and the diverse factors influencing an organizations interdepartmental marketing activities. We explain how marketing can identify the needs of prospective customers and how to distinguish between marketing mix factors and the wider forces driving them. We illustrate how organizations build strong customer relationships and create value through marketing. We unpack the reasons why managers use marketing dashboards to assess growth and potential areas of expansion. We help you recognize the purpose of an organizations environmental scanning to see how marketing activities can be affected by social changes pertaining to demography, culture, economics, and technology.

After completing module 1 which is solely based on marketing, you will have the option to continue the course with specific South African products. First we move to Module 2 which is optional. Our health 4 all module is purely based on our medical product. Three different options within our health products are to be discussed. This is our best seller which will help you as a new agent get off your feet fast. We move on to another optional module, which have our Funeral Assist at Module 3, this product is one of our main products and are good option for first time agents. Last we have Module 4 which will teach you a new product on the South Arfrican market for road repairs. This will give you a full insight on understanding our branded product and give you the opportunity to become a self-made agent for the road repairs market.

4 Modules:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Becoming an Agent

–          Learning Outcomes
–          Marketing Mix Factors and Customer Needs
–          How Customers Relationships are Built
–          Marketing and Organizational Strategies
–          Strategic Marketing Process
–          Market Environmental Scanning
–          Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility in Marketing
–          Module 1 Final Assessment
–          Certificate of completion

Module 2: Optional – Health 4 All

–          Lesson Summary
–          Primary Care
–          Hospital Care
–          Module 2 Final Assessment
–          Certificate of Completion

Module 3: Optional – Funeral Assist

–          Lesson summary
–          Funeral Assist
–          Electronic Coupons
–          Funeral Assist
–          Legal Assist
–          Lifestyle Products
–          Smart Wallet
–          Smart Talk
–          Module 3 Final Assessment
–          Certificate of Completion

Module 4: Optional – Road Repairs

–          Learning Outcome
–          Fundamentals of Road repairs product
–          Module 4 Final Assessment
–          Certificate of Completion

Course Outcome:

Once this course is successfully completed, you should be able to:

–          Discuss how organizations build strong customer relationships and customer value through marketing
–          Explain ‘marketing’ and the diverse factors driving its activities
–          Unpack how marketing can be utilized to discover and satisfy consumer needs
–          Identify the three kinds of marketing organizations and their strategies
–          Outline the planning phase of the strategic marketing process
–          Discuss the major psychological influences of marketing on consumer behaviour
–          Marketing products specific to South Africa
–          Health 4 All Medical Insurance
–          Funeral Assist
–          Road Repairs
–          In-life benefits such as Legal Assistance, Coupons, Myworld etc

To successfully complete this Certificate course and become a Growhouse Graduate, you need to achieve 100% on all the course assessments. Once you have completed this course, you will have access to your certificate. This is a great way to share your achievement with the world. Your certificate is ideal for sharing with potential employers by including it in your CV, professional social media profiles and job applications, it is an indication of your commitment to continuously learn, upskill and achieve high results and an incentive for you to continue empowering yourself through lifelong learning.

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