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Here at Growhouse, we bring the teachers and students together. Our platform was created for you to share your knowledge and help us achieve our goal by reducing the current stance of poverty and providing necessary skills to the underdeveloped communities which have no access to proper education. By providing them with the knowledge of a certain skill, we may create the opportunity for them to get employed or better yet to become self-employed. Your course will be featured on our website for sale at your given price. For more information please contact us.

Even if you’re new to online instructions, you can create a basic course in a short amount of time. You can start with a week or two of materials and add more later. We’ve compiled some tips and basic steps for novice Growhouse instructors who want to learn how to create content in an online course. We want to help you with the high-level principles and processes involved when you build a course from the ground up. As you work through this topic, choose what fits your teaching style and the needs of your students. After you complete the basic steps, you’ll have a course ready for students! But first, you need to determine which course view you’ll build your course in. Then, you can zero in on the specific steps and info you need. Already know your course view? Then let’s go!

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True to our slogan Dream, Grow, Excel, we constantly strive to improve our services and to include people from all walks of life. 

In order to do this, we need your help. Please click the link where you find yourself most suitable to help.