CATEGORY: Leadership

Lead Authentically

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Course Overview

For Beginners

5 Modules / 4-5 weeks

So often we look at leadership from the bottom up and, needless to say, it is not a pretty picture. It is daunting. Just like a small child at the knee of his mother or father, looking up at adults and adulthood – it is scary! This manual’s aim is to look at leadership differently, to take another approach, to embrace the challenges it may bring.

Authentic leadership is a management style in which leaders are genuine, self-aware, and transparent. An authentic leader is able to inspire loyalty and trust in his/her employees by consistently displaying who he/she really is as a person, and how he/she feels about their employees’ performance. Authentic leadership is the single strongest predictor of an employee’s job satisfaction.

Here, we’re going to explore how Authentic Leadership can help you become a better, more inspiring leader, today.

Modules: 5

  • Introduction
  • Section 1 – Goals
  • Section 2 – Values & Beliefs
  • Section 3 – What is Leadership
  • Section 4 – Articles
  • Section 5 – Closing
  • Certificate of completion

Course outcome:

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Lead successfully
  • Have goals
  • Be confident as yourself and at your workplace
  • Successfully handle employees
  • Have character and integrity
  • Discipline by having proper long term perspectives
  • How to be fair, loyal, committed, wise, and deliver excellence
  • Reach certain goals and knowing how you will reach them
  • Become a planner, forward thinker, and become a strategist who can execute
  • Know what is leadership and its characteristics of.
  • How to motivate, reward and incentives
  • Know what is wealth and happiness
  • Know what are meta programs
  • know-how are values formed
  • have emotional intelligence
  • coaching and its benefits
  • Situational leadership
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